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Welcome to @famous-horse-60120 @quiet-evening-74533 @bumpy-arm-17246 @limited-advantage-17894 @high-umbrella-90955 @blue-city-46130 @dazzling-dress-95246 👋. We invite you to say a little something about yourself and your organization, and what motivated you to take a closer look at Pants. You’ll be helping us improve future open source outreach, so thanks very much!
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Thanks @busy-vase-39202 very much for your warm welcome. I’m a Machine Learning Engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m working on a personal project that contains 10+ different Python modules/packages. I’ve been trying to consolidate though packages into a monorepo. And that was when I came to know about Pants. Still trying to figure out how to use pants properly though.
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Yeah, there's a learning curve. Feel free to ask for help whenever you need it. We not only want to help you, but learning where the docs aren't clear enough helps us improve them for everyone! 🙂