Did something change re: `[cli.alias]` since 2.15?...
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Did something change re:
since 2.15? I have
all-changed = "--changed-since=main --changed-dependees=transitive"
configured and get the following error when using it on 2.16.0a1:
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$ pants all-changed test
Unknown goal: all-changed
not that I’m aware of. best tip is to check
pants cli --help
and see what it says your current value is
if you provide this value from multiple sources there may be changes to how dict config values are merged, in which case you may want to play with
Ah, you’re very right! Seems like I had a
lying around with a second CLI alias in it. Strange that it worked as expected in 2.15 though… oh well! Thanks a lot! 🖖
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