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https://www.barenakedcoder.com/blog/2020/03/config-files-ini-xml-json-yaml-toml/ I love that Pants went with a sane config choice - and honestly, any of the options other than JSON is a sane choice. Still kinda gets me that so much of the Node ecosystem uses json as user-maintained configuration. It's an admirable enough transfer representation, but if I can't write comments in my config, then really what are we even doing....
Human readable config is step 1, human usable config is what we need. May as well start writing encoded protobuf config just to prove a point
Lockfiles on the other hand? Whatever - json, yaml, anything that's git-diffable is fine by me. Maybe not so much Yarn 1's pseudo-yaml though... https://github.com/yarnpkg/yarn/issues/5629
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CUE and Dhall are interesting in this space, but they have a very different paradigm
I know nothing about Cue, but I’m pretty sure I saw that @curved-television-6568 had some interest in it
yep, really confusing syntax to wrap your head around, but you can do awesomeness with it once you grokk it enough. I’ve added some rudimentary fmt and lint support for CUE in an experimental cue backend so far..