Maybe bug in tests re: Local dists. Can I get anot...
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Maybe bug in tests re: Local dists. Can I get another set of 👀 in 🧵 ?
we make a
with no ICs associated, but the test assumes py3. Seems like we'd want to get the ICs from the sources here?
Yeah OK I think it's a bug. Every "real world" caller provides ICs
probably a bug. but it seems like beyond ICs, any caller setting
(aka: please build this for exactly one interpreter, because this is not being published outside of Pants) could provide an actual interpreter
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def __init__(
  addresses: Iterable[Address],
  interpreters: InterpreterConstraints | PythonBinary,
  sources: PythonSourceFiles = PythonSourceFiles.empty(),
) -> None:
when tests are running, iirc, they’ve already chosen an interpreter. so passing in
internal_only=True, interpreter_constraints=…
would be asking to re-resolve, and then relying on the same one that was pre-resolved to be re-resolved.
yea, it looks like the
flag already does some of this… it’s not clear though that when you pass it, you don’t need to pass ICs