# development


03/14/2022, 5:07 PM
I tried getting some sort of PoC working just now, and while letting Buf do the heavy lifting with
--against '.git#ref=HEAD'
did work for the basic cases, as soon as you start adding different source roots and whatnot it breaks. This is due to Buf's not doing the same source root stripping on the
files as my Pants rule does on the locally changed files - so I guess the only solution for that would be for Pants to check out and put a copy of all rule targets from
to a separate dir and then provide Buf with a path to that to use as reference instead of giving it a git repo path. But that adds a whole other level of complexity, and if Git isn't even safe to use right now, then maybe I'll put
buf breaking
on the backburner for now. Thanks! :)
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