> you’re trading a scan through the root target...
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you’re trading a scan through the root targets
And validation of the transitive constraints, right? Even for Flake8 where it doesn't consider deps, we need to validate your ICs were not mucked up when considering deps, iiuc?
a backend that you need to enable to use multiple versions at once
I am not seeing the big deal of having to do this. We already had the backend, and if you're using mixed ICs you really should be activating it so that you have the
goal. I suspect the majority of (at least new) users already have it activated. If you don't already, it's a single line change done one time by a codebase admin There's also benefits beyond performance: you don't clutter
./pants help
with a field that you don't want your teammates using because your repo should be using uniform ICs Ack that the deprecation cycle is awkward w/ having to have the
option, but that's temporary