<@U6ZRNH0TC> did you find out more on <https://git...
# pex
@aloof-angle-91616 did you find out more on https://github.com/pantsbuild/pex/issues/935 ? I'd like to close that out if my hunch was correct, although it would be good to figure out a way to make
less confusing.
i haven't yet found out more. i was also thinking that this week (that it would be good to make interpreter constraints less confusing somehow)
i'm hacking away right now but will respond before noon to your requests for output etc
OK - great. If you have no python3.8 interpreters installed then my theory is bunk.
i definitely have python 3.8 interpreters installed
i'll look now
i have a 3.9 interpreter that is the default when i type
that i just rebuild from cpython master every so often
so your explanation seems at least somewhat justified
Ah, ok. My explanation is probaby it then.
it is!
i left some very spacey thoughts on the issue
but closed since they were just mostly to conclude the discussion on "how to make interpreter constraints less mysterious"
interpreter constraints are one of the most common UX issues that i think pex and pants help to offload, and i think any work to make them less mysterious would be a good investment
let me know if that's something i can do any work on