09/16/2022, 6:54 PM
This is not Pants configuring things evne though it reads like that might be the case:
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Configured with:
    build: False
    use_wheel: True
That's really just Pex's reaction to pants passing
--platform linux_x86_64-cp-39-cp39
which is what it does to tell Pex - "Hey, I know we're on Mac, but try to build a venv that works on Linux". Since we're on Mac, we cannot build sdists into Linux wheels without cross-building. Pex does not support cross-building and so it only allows pre-built wheels. The resolve fails since there is no pre-built wheel for
. You need to build one for Linux and then make it available in a
repo for Pex to find. When using Pants you configure this with `[python-repos] repos = ...`:
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