hello! I'm a software engineer at Neuro AI. I'm lo...
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hello! I'm a software engineer at Neuro AI. I'm looking in Pants as an option for moving from multi-repo to mono-repo. one thing I'm particularly interested in is local development; right now we're very Docker-oriented, and try to require the developer to have as little as possible installed directly on their machines. I've already ran into problems with Pants picking up my macOS Python 😅 plus our tests require services to run, which we currently provide via Docker. would be happy to hear how others are approaching this
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Have you tried running Pants inside a Docker container on your MacBook, with your local code repo volume-mapped into the container, so that native edits are seen in the container?
We are also looking at having Pants be able to execute subprocesses in a Docker container (today it can execute them locally, or remotely, so this would be a third execution model, somewhat similar to remote execution), but that is future work
the second option might be suitable yes. what we have now are scripts like
which run commands within docker-compose contexts (like
docker compose <config> run app pytest
the first option is good too actually! having a wrapper around
which runs everything within a container which has the source mounted inside it
guess the tricky thing there would be nesting, e.g. if the
script wants to run the tests, which require launching some docker-compose stuff
yeah, docker-in-docker doesn't really work
yeah, docker-in-docker doesn’t really work
Well, it does, if you’re able to have your docker daemon listen on a tcp socket, that you can connect to from within a container.