Hi pants community - I'm looking into Pants for a ...
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Hi pants community - I'm looking into Pants for a new project and starting to try things out. Thanks for a cool project!
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Hi, welcome! Is this project consensus.app? (from your email). If so, that looks so cool! How are things going so far with Pants?
(peeks at consensus.app...) Oooooh. Nice idea! Looks like you've got a cool project too. :-) Please feel free to ask questions, open feature requests, raise ideas, etc. Our aim is to make Pants the most flexible build system for a wide range of use cases, so the more we understand the distinctive challenges you have, the better Pants can become for everyone!
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thanks! my use case is a git based python monorepo. I'm familiar with bazel, but I find it difficult to interact with external third-party packages, which brought me to pants 😁 I've gotten a chance to try out a few things since last week, and have a question pending that I'll ask in the general channel
Looks like your first couple of questions in #general got disposed of already. Cool. Keep 'em coming! We're happy to help you get up and started quickly.