Hi everyone! Joined mostly to follow along the pro...
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Hi everyone! Joined mostly to follow along the progress of v2 and it's looking promising so far. I'm mostly working with Bazel for now but looking forward to Pants having a mature ecosystem.
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Welcome, glad to have you in the community! Even if you aren't yet using Pants, we still invite you to share feedback and ideas! You don't suffer yet from the curse of knowledge, so your feedback is particularly insightful https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_of_knowledge?wprov=sfti1 What languages are you using with Bazel?
Thank you! Currently Go (gRPC+Protobuf and vendoring), Docker, Jsonnet and Javascript/Node (with custom Webpack rules that builds upon it). Possibly introducing Python and Rust in the near future
I'm interested in doing some hobby projects using Pants though so can give more feedback after I've used it a bit 😄
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Cool! Our new Go support doesn't yet support Protobuf, but definitely eager to add it: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/12820 feel free to upvote or comment if it's something you'd like to see :) Rust is a wonderful language, we're big fans over here!
Thank you for the warm welcome, Eric ❤️ I'll keep an eye on that
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We'd also love to find an organization to partner with on adding JS/Node support, and indeed to help us define what that spec should look like in the first place. So if you find that Pants is a good fit for the rest of your codebase, please do reach out.
By the way, as a Bazel user your perspective on https://blog.pantsbuild.org/pants-vs-bazel/ would also be much appreciated. We want to be accurate and fair in assessing the differences, to provide a helpful resource for people weighing their options.
FWIW this line:
Bazel's support for consuming published third-party dependencies is haphazard
Is getting less evident by the day with the core Python rules. They support
sourcing packages from PyPI, and pretty well FWIW.