Hi, I'm Mitesh from <ActionIQ> (based in NYC, USA ...
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Hi, I'm Mitesh from ActionIQ (based in NYC, USA but I'm in Chicago, USA). We use 1.27.0 to build scala, python, play (twirl, routes), and js in a monorepo. We have https://github.com/ActionIQ-oss/pants-plugins (perf fixes for the s3 remote cache) and https://github.com/ActionIQ-OSS/play-pants (update play version)
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That's terrific! Do consider adding ActionIQ to Who Uses Pants. https://www.pantsbuild.org/page/who-uses-pants Looks like y'all will wind up with top billing. Did you hear Pants 2 is in the midst of adding Scala support? We'd love to add JS next. We're seeking an organization to partner with on that in Q1 or Q2.