Hey guys, I'm Sailesh. I work at a fintech startup...
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Hey guys, I'm Sailesh. I work at a fintech startup (pave.dev) working on building cashflow analytics for a variety of fintech use cases. We use Pants as our build tool for all our Python code. I heard great stuff about the Slack group from my coworker @stocky-dream-14103 so thought i would join too. So far great stuff, I was having issues after upgrading to Monterey and found there was already a thread about it and was able to fix it. Great meeting everyone here!
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@hundreds-father-404 maybe we should add the insights from that thread to the docs?
Good idea. @broad-farmer-2338 do you remember which thread it was?
I just got back from vacation. Belated welcome, @broad-farmer-2338! I hope you'll consider adding your org to the Who Uses Pants page. https://www.pantsbuild.org/page/who-uses-pants. Getting added is really easy. There's a link at the bottom of the page for that.
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@busy-vase-39202 I believe my co-worker @stocky-dream-14103 has already reached out and added pave.dev to the Who Uses Pants page.
Thanks for the warm welcome!
My pleasure. And I see you are correct about pave.dev being in the list already. Hooray!