hey there, im here to ask ignorant questions :slig...
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hey there, im here to ask ignorant questions 🙂 Just learning Pants and Scala (taking over some job from ex developer who recently left). Have never worked with that before. Flink is the main thing why we use Scala, and Pants is helping to build all the jobs we have. I apologise in advance for all the stupid questions I will ask 🙂
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I think you'll find the community here doesn't treat questions as stupid.
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I'll say that the documentation is an incredibly helpful place to start. There's a really good mix of detail-oriented information and practical examples to help guide you through things. After that, the slack community is really helpful to dive into more specific things the docs don't/can't cover.
I understand the concern, but I assure you that we don't think any question is stupid.
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There are no stupid questions, only missing documentation
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Thank you! Yeah, documentation is quite good, although still have some minor issues (asked in #development already).
Welcome! Please do let us know how the docs can be more useful to you, and how Pants could fit your use cases even better. We always appreciate the generosity of our users in helping making Pants better for them and for the next person. 🙂 Meanwhile, I hope you'll participate in the annual community roadmap survey happening right now. It's a great chance to make sure the project's priorities and your priorities are aligned! https://pantsbuild.slack.com/archives/C046T6T9U/p1643048005241200