Hello :wave: I'm an SRE at Aiven. We provide fully...
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Hello 👋 I'm an SRE at Aiven. We provide fully managed open source data infrastructure on a number of public clouds. We're investigating using pants to handle some things in our mono repo like which tests need to run and which rpm packages need to be rebuilt. I am exploring the rpm aspect
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welcome, we're happy to help! @fresh-cat-90827 has been working on support for building deb packages, which I imagine shares some similarities
That's right. There is an experimental support for building Debian packages from a directory of files. I'm starting adding support to include PEX files and arbitrary artifacts really soon.
I just came across that! Definitely lots of overlap
Terrific! Feel free to open issues, make requests, etc. That's always welcome in Pants community. The better we can understand your use case and needs, the more likely it'll happen.
And of course, PRs are welcome too. No obligation to do so, but we ❤️ 'em. Your colleague @flat-zoo-31952 contributed the much-appreciated
./pants peek
for instance
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