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Welcome @bitter-tiger-53933 @billions-keyboard-33102 @glamorous-nail-64830 @high-dusk-47358! We invite you to say a little something about you and your company, and how you discovered Pants. You'll be helping us improve future outreach — thanks so much!
@busy-vase-39202 I'm a coworker of @bitter-ability-32190, so I'm not actively working on anything pants-related, and am only learning and following the evolution of pants mainly at our company.
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Okay, cool! Well welcome aboard and if you have questions along the way don't hesitate to ask. There are no wrong or "dumb" questions here.
Hi @busy-vase-39202, thank you for the kind words of welcome. @bitter-tiger-53933 and myself are based at SigTech.com and we are using pants to build a python mono-repo. We are interested in outputting artifacts for AWS lambda and PEX binary. Some of our code has a C/Cython dependency so looking to see how to solve that one! We discovered pants through a colleague, who recommended it.
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So far I love it!
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Well thank you to your colleagues for recommending us! Great to hear word-of-mouth is spreading about Pants 2.
Also your avatar is the best . The California Golden Poppy is my favorite flower. ❤️