Hi, I am a Tech lead at <cami.ai> . We are develop...
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Hi, I am a Tech lead at cami.ai . We are developing a customer success platform that provides scalable customer love to our customers. We were looking for a monorepo build system to manage our ELT pipelines which are in python. I was looking at good build systems that allow us to build, deploy and test each of the tasks in our pipeline separately. Landed in Pants after extensive searching and seems like the best tool so far. Has anyone in this community used pants for deploying ELT pipelines? Specifically we are planning to use pants to package ELT jobs which will populate our delta lakehouse.
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Welcome! I don't recall having seen it mentioned, but do ask in #general where there's a larger audience of users.
We recently did a poc with prefect where we tried out pants as well
Thanks, Good to know