Hello everyone. I work for Torqata, a data and ana...
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Hello everyone. I work for Torqata, a data and analytics company that heavily uses python for our backend, and a few of us are interested in getting our various poetry-based projects into a mono-repo, we’re hoping
will help facilitate that, and I’m excited to be reading through the docs as we go.
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Sweet, welcome! I'm giving a tech talk later today about how python dependency management works in a mono repo including how pants allows you to still use multiple lock files. I am planning to record this as a YouTube YouTube video to share with the greater community early next week. I suspect that it will be very relevant to your organization blog version of talk https://blog.pantsbuild.org/multiple-lockfiles-python/
How did you find out about pants?
How did you find out about pants?
👋 @hundreds-father-404 a coworker of mine, brought it up. idk if he googled for an equivalent of the angular tool (NX i believe?) looking forward to learning more. I definitely want to re-use as much as possible about the poetry
files. We have built out quite an investment into using those for dependency management and other configuration inside the individual micro services.