Hi everyone. I work at Ledger (the hardware wallet...
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Hi everyone. I work at Ledger (the hardware wallet company for crypto assets) and I am a data engineer. I introduced Pants few weeks ago in the data team, to handle all our data projets in a monorepo using Pants. At Ledger, we have to handle a lot of data from multiple sources (APIs, blockchains, etc.), so my idea was to have one Python/Scala project by data source, to package each project in a PEX file/Docker image, to publish the Docker images in Amazon ECR, and to schedule all pipelines using Apache Airflow (which will up a container in AWS Fargate for each data task). Currently I developed that in a sandbox environment and I mostly rely on Pants commands to do these steps.
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Cool! Thanks for sharing that! How has the Pants integration been going?
Nice! May I suggest adding Ledger to https://www.pantsbuild.org/page/who-uses-pants (info at the bottom on the page on how; it's very quick to do)?