Hi everyone! Great to be here, we're looking at us...
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Hi everyone! Great to be here, we're looking at using Pants at work with Scala, and I have some IntelliJ plugin development experience (I was previously part of a team at Wix that handled Scala support for Bazel in IntelliJ). Looking forward to contributing if I can.
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Sweet! How did you learn about Pants?
I knew of Pants early on, when some 3-4 years ago a decision was made at Wix (where I worked at the time) to move to a hermetic build system, and ultimately Bazel was chosen. I kept tabs on the progress of both tools since. I am particularly excited into looking more into this concept of "dependency inference", as well as IDE support via BSP.
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And recently at my current workplace (Unit) we started integrating Pants into our CI, and my boss/CTO (somdoron) already submitted a few PRs 😉
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Nice. Welcome 🤓
Sweet! If you haven't yet seen it, https://blog.pantsbuild.org/pants-vs-bazel/ describes some of the differences between Pants 2 and Bazel
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@bland-teacher-44854 since you have recently used both, we'd be grateful for any feedback you might have on how that post could be improved. We of course pay much closer attention to Pants' evolution than Bazel's, so it's possible there are details that have become out-of-date since publishing. We want to keep the document fair and accurate!
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