hello, i’m David — i work at zendesk, working on a...
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hello, i’m David — i work at zendesk, working on all things automation — i’m taking a closer look at pants as i’ve recently learned that it’s not a python only thing anymore, and from reading the docs i’m pretty excited about it, and looking forward to see if it is as promising to actually use as it is to read about in docs/blogs 😃 — i’ve been battling with deficiencies in configuration/build systems/deployment for at least 15 years, and — maybe, just maybe there’s a tool here that actually would make a difference, and strikes the right balance between ease of use and expressive power which isn’t yet another DSL on top of buildkit, as — philosophically, while having containers at the base of your builds can be a blessing — but certainly also a curse in many ways 😆
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Hi David, and welcome! Please do share any questions and ideas you may have along the way 😃 We are eager to make the experience as smooth as possible 😉 (noticed your first question in general now, and the experts on that topic are currently asleep over at American timezones…)
It's definitely not a Python-only thing any more. 🙂 We support Go, Java, Scala, Kotlin, Shell, as well as Docker, Terraform and Helm, and it's not terribly hard to add other languages and frameworks.
It's very feasible to use Pants as a workflow framework for custom internal rules of various kinds, as well as the many more general-purpose rules that it ships with.