Welcome <@U03NLLYS0BG> <@U03NMF53UVC>! We invite y...
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Welcome @brave-toddler-94793 @late-computer-27496! We invite you to say a little something about yourself, your company, and what motivated you to take a closer look at Pants. You'll be helping us improve future outreach ā€” thanks so much!
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Hey, Iā€™m trying
out as a less-memory-intensive bazel alternative that a team of data scientists might be able to use.
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Hey! I've coded in Python since maybe 2004(?) mostly hobbist, or writing small scripts to ease my work. One trouble I have often is sharing code among those scripts (ie: pull x from SQL, clean it, build a dataframe, etc). I'm exploring pants as a way to improve my workflow šŸ™‚
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Hi @late-computer-27496! You're on the right track. Many people here are using Pants for data science teams. @bitter-ability-32190 might be able to lend some insight, for instance.
@brave-toddler-94793 Cool! That's definitely the kind of use case Pants is great for. Check out the codegen support as well... šŸ™‚