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Howdy y'all! 👋 🤠 I'm Josh. I'm IBM Watson Orders' Build Engineer, who just completed a lengthy migration from Bazel to Pants. During my migration I've come to love the project and community so much I've became a maintainer of the project as well. I try and remain pretty active on Slack here, as the community is really helpful, so you'll likely see me around. Like any maintainer you're welcome to reach out privately, and remember there are no dumb questions, only bad UI/UX/docs 😉 My goals it to make Pants as powerful, fast, and user-friendly as possible for both users and developers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Especially regarding project migrations, Pants+Python, or if you're interested in joining IBM Watson Orders as a Build Eng (we make a kick-ass product, and obviously have fun using best-in-class tooling).
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