Hi all! I’m Bryan, a SWE at Rebellion Defense. I’m...
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Hi all! I’m Bryan, a SWE at Rebellion Defense. I’m brand new on the team, trying to improve our pantsbuild infrastructure as my “onboarding” task.
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We look forward to helping you with that! Questions, feedback, ideas, docs improvements, PRs, etc are all very much encouraged in our community and received as valued contributions that help Pants serve a wide range of use cases even better. 🙂
btw, does "our pantsbuild infrastructure" mean the company has already adopted Pants? If so, we invite you to add Rebellion to Who Uses Pants. The form is linked from the bottom of https://www.pantsbuild.org/page/who-uses-pants and takes seconds to complete. Cheers!
My team has tentatively adopted it 😄 As I’m new, I’m not sure what permissions we’d need to make that happen, but I’ll look into it
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Thanks for the kind welcome!
My pleasure. The team takes pride in cultivating a welcoming and responsive open source community. 🙂