:wave: Hi there. I'm Mike Lane. I'm evaluating Pa...
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👋 Hi there. I'm Mike Lane. I'm evaluating Pants to see if it might be right for managing microservices. It looks like I might have to create a few custom plugins (e.g., for AWS CDK). I'm currently in the "It seems like I'm doing everything the documentation says to do, but it's not working" phase of my learning journey.
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Welcome welcome. For the issues you're running into, it's worth posting in the general channel, to see if anyone can help speed you up along the way. The Slack community is very active and helpful for onboarding. Note: It is a long weekend for the US (and Canada), so a lot of the core maintainers may be out of the office until Tuesday, so support may be a bit slower than usual.
Also, if you're doing microservices, this may be of interest: https://www.pantsbuild.org/page/language-support
Hi @shy-sandwich-32283! Have you been able to break through Saturday's obstacle? If not, please do post questions to #general. With the Labor Day three-day weekend over now, you should be able to get help fairly quickly.
I mostly gave up on it and moved on to doing things a different way.
Sorry to hear your original plan didn't work out. Even if you've got a workaround that you like, we'd be grateful to learn where bottlenecks are in the docs or other problems that could stand in the way of the next person's progress. We are committed to continuous improvement, so feedback like that is considered invaluable for helping keep moving Pants forward. :-)