Hey! Sure :wave: My name's Tom Solberg, and I work...
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Hey! Sure 👋 My name's Tom Solberg, and I work as a machine learning engineer in the games industry. I've been using Bazel and various Python tools (Poetry, Conda, venv) professionally for a couple of years, but they don't work well together in a monorepo. I'm privately investigating Pants as an easier-to-use bazel that works better than the classical Python tools for large repositories. To learn more about how Pants works I'm also building a plugin for kustomize/kubernetes.
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“easier-to-use bazel with a Python focus” is a solid description of Pants, TBH!
Interesting plugin idea. What would the functionality be?
Managing my cluster(s) and integrating the whole flow from "source on disk" to putting that in an image, pushing it, putting the sha in a deployment and deploying to a cluster. Same as e.g. https://github.com/bazelbuild/rules_k8s.
I'm not sure if easier-to-use yet; but definitely better at Python. So far I'm struggling a lot with "thinking like pants"... Bazel is a lot more explicit, so I'm fighting the "magic" with how I define targets etc. Like this: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/17042
Oh, sorry we missed your question on Slack, I’ll respond on the ticket.
[When I think of it being “easier to use” I usually think of two things: dep inference saving me from writing explicit deps in BUILD files, and the ability to act on files rather than targets (e.g.,
./pants test path/to/my_test.py