Hello! I am Philippe Muller and I am... not curren...
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Hello! I am Philippe Muller and I am... not currently employed 😅 Previously I worked on a large multi repo Python project (~300 packages) with the "old" stack (setuptools/pip/virtualenv). It was manageable thanks to my team's effort to build the right tooling. Then I've built a (failed) startup project in TypeScript. We had a few dozen packages in a monorepo managed by yarn, and I loved how it made my life easier. Now I'm going back to Python for a personal project, and I am looking for that feeling again. I've spent quite some time fighting with Bazel, and while it looks awesome for a C++ project, I am quite disappointed by rules_python. So I am learning Pants, hoping I'll fall in love with it and adopt it for the years ahead.
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It would be nice for you to compare the pros and cons of developing a large multi repo Python projects using the “old” stack and pants.
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We migrated from bazel to pants in pure python monorepo. Feel free to reach out with questions 🙂 (I'm also a pants maintainer) Oh and here's our blog post about it: https://developer.ibm.com/blogs/case-study-incrementally-migrating-a-python-monorepo-from-bazel-to-pants/?mhsrc=ibmsearch_a&mhq=python%20monorepo
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Thanks 🙂