<@U01GFRYQ1TR> thank you so much for the welcome :...
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@busy-vase-39202 thank you so much for the welcome 🙂 i was not expecting that! I’m in the process of setting up infrastructure and devops systems for a greenfields project and pants caught my eye as a great tool for setting up a python monorepo. I’m especially interested in the helm functionality, so chances are you’ll be hearing from me about that.
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Ahhh, we have @witty-family-13337 to thank for that Helm support! The power of open source community, in action. I'm delighted it's looking useful for you too. Please do let us know how Pants can be made more useful for you, and ask questions anytime. We set out to receive all questions in the spirit that there are no foolish questions, only opportunities for documentation improvement. Cheers!