# development


07/29/2016, 3:37 AM
@fancy-queen-20734: (1)I think that eager and lazy fileset has same relroot, which is path to BUILD dir, relative to buildroot, but they have different filespecs. in eager fileset, filespecs is relative to relroot, while in lazy fileset, filespecs is relative to buildroot. Is this same as your findings? (2)I saw in your latest review, you modify behavior of “matches” method of SourcesField. Does this method not called in the normal execution? Otherwise v2 engine should never work, right? I think file matching is done in globs level already. I also try to set a breakpoint but program doesn’t stop there. Do you know what is “path” argument like? is it relative to buildroot, or relroot? I am guessing it should be relative to buildroot, which will make your change reasonable. can you confirm on that?