Also (maybe a python thing? Maybe an is thing?) I ...
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Also (maybe a python thing? Maybe an is thing?) I can’t just write
yield Get(...)
, I need to
result = yield Get(...) ; yield result
what would that mean?
oh, i see what you're saying.
there shouldn't be any need to
yield Get(..)
, because that would imply that there is a conversion from LHS to RHS
and your rule should yield the RHS rather than the more specific thing
For an aggregate-ish thing, I was looking at:
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... do some stuff
for target in targets:
  yield Get(Foo, Bar, bar)
but I that just doesn’t work because we don’t yield into collections; you can only yield once in the function?
well, when you yield in a method body, that method becomes a generator
if you yield in a nested method, that nested method beceomes generator
could/can consume a nested generator... it just wouldn't be the engine consuming it