<@UBV8BCQPJ>: it looks like it will need a rebase....
# development
@red-balloon-89377: it looks like it will need a rebase. while i work on getting you access to that org, i'm going to rebase your branch from https://github.com/blorente/pants/tree/dwagnerhall/v2/urlfetch and push it to the PR. you'll want to pick that up before resuming
pushed, thanks!
and again... should run now.
@red-balloon-89377: i'll continue to look at the access issue, but you might consider opening a new PR to iterate on https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/6660 with travis
sorry for the trouble
Makes sense, I’ll do that before the day ends.
Done. I also addressed the 400 and 500 codes yesterday, but I think I didn’t push.
huzzah! thanks 😃
would a review be helpful now, or are you mostly focused on getting it green?
Probably not worth doing now, unless travis comes out green (which I doubt will happen) I should have it by Monday
ok, thank you.
from the run on the original PR, it looks like we might need openssl installed in travis, which should be an apt-get away i think...?
(just a superficial assessment... not certain.)
That would make sense, we do fetch external stuff as part of the tests, albeit from public places.
well, i mean that it failed with a bunch of errors about loading openssl
(...but only on the non-docker linux shards)
This is the failing shard that uses docker: https://travis-ci.org/pantsbuild/pants/jobs/447747293
@witty-crayon-22786 ^
hey. so i took a look at this, but not for long enough to actually fix it: sorry!
i was optimistic about this change:
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$ git diff -- src/rust/engine/Cargo.toml
diff --git a/src/rust/engine/Cargo.toml b/src/rust/engine/Cargo.toml
index 40dd82c..c2e2478 100644
--- a/src/rust/engine/Cargo.toml
+++ b/src/rust/engine/Cargo.toml
@@ -89,3 +89,7 @@ tokio = "0.1"
 tempfile = "3"
 ui = { path = "ui" }
 url = "1.7.1"
+[target.'cfg(not(any(target_os = "windows", target_os = "macos", target_os = "ios")))'.dependencies]
+# TODO: We experience linker errors on Linux without vendored openssl.
+openssl-sys = { version = "= 0.9.39", features = ["vendored"] }
based on what it mentions here: https://docs.rs/openssl/0.10.15/openssl/#vendored
but it fails in the docker image with a collision with the openssl we use for gRPC
the gRPC thing is interesting, and has me wondering whether that is related in the non-vendored case as well
sorry i wasn't able to make more progress =(
if you'd like to pick up any of the other tickets from https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/projects/6 , the assignments should currently be accurate
to run docker, can do:
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docker run -v "$(pwd):/pantsbuild" -w '/pantsbuild' --rm -it pantsbuild/centos6:latest /bin/bash
Thanks! My problem was with sharing the
folder and permissions, to not have to download everything again. In any case, I was fiddlign with the travis_ci image, not the centos one. But this one is better, thanks!
you cannot share the .cache directory
(or, there is no use in doing that)
because it is OSX vs linux
BUT you could in theory mount a brand new "linux only HOME directory" somewhere under your OSX home dir, and reuse that
maybe not worth it