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11/29/2018, 6:45 AM
can this test expand its upper and lower bounds here? i believe i have had this fail on me once before as well, and since the error is about receiving 3 instead of 4-6 messages, this seems like prime flakiness material. any approach to more robustly test this sort of ipc seems like it could be dealt with at least partially in a similar way to any code that e.g. retries network requests (and there's no reason this code would need to only be usable in tests). (i'm going to restart this build soon though):
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_ TestProcessMetadataManager.test_deadline_until _
                     self = <pants_test.pantsd.test_process_manager.TestProcessMetadataManager testMethod=test_deadline_until>
                         def test_deadline_until(self):
                           with self.assertRaises(ProcessMetadataManager.Timeout):
                             with self.captured_logging(<http://logging.INFO|logging.INFO>) as captured:
                               self.pmm._deadline_until(lambda: False, 'the impossible', timeout=.5, info_interval=.1)
                           self.assertTrue(4 <= len(captured.infos()) <= 6,
                     >                     'Expected between 4 and 6 infos, got: {}'.format(captured.infos()))
                     E     AssertionError: False is not true : Expected between 4 and 6 infos, got: ['pants.pantsd.process_manager: waiting for the impossible...', 'pants.pantsd.process_manager: waiting for the impossible...', 'pants.pantsd.process_manager: waiting for the impossible...']