Apropos of nothing in particular, I notice that th...
# development
Apropos of nothing in particular, I notice that the order of
args is different than the declared order of ~equivalent
fields here: https://github.com/benjyw/pants/blob/49146eff49d5116e58739e3ff201a50311f0e46b/src/python/pants/engine/rules.py#L150
i suspect that it is not by design and while i made https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/6374 at one point i'm not sure of how to scope it for the first vs subsequent PRs, but is intended to address this kind of issue
i think my problem is that i was actually thinking too much in terms of like what #6880 and friends present, and trying to make a Grand Unified Abstraction -- this is certainly something i can make mergeable (modulo daniel's comments)
_and if you have any thoughts on how to better structure ways to avoid the need for replicating
args they're welcome_
this is because history... we introduced
early this year, and rather than re-writing all the callsites, i tacked it on the end =x