i generally feel like making things implicit and e...
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i generally feel like making things implicit and ergonomic (eventually) leads to code with less cost because the computer instead of the programmer can keep track of these things (a very simple argument which i will repeat until i die). lifetimes are one example of that which improves on the bundle of hacks in c++ and i can't currently think of but would assume there can be some analogous model for memory barriers.
Yeah, for high-ish level code I completely agree, but if you're working at a level of embedded systems, whether e.g. the CPU caches flush or not may really matter to you :(
i mean in that context as well you just need a different abstraction
i have no clue what i'm talking about of course but i was indeed referring to things like memory barriers, core pinning, cache flushing, whatever
otherwise you run the risk of making human mistakes
i definitely don't think there's ever a grand unified abstraction i just am as a holy war sort of thing against the idea that explicit is ever better than implicit it's just that explicit is better when there's no clear abstraction that reliably does the explicit things
also most people have more working memory than i do which is part of the reason i think i think like this