# development


01/06/2019, 9:43 PM
Things in that dir (which I should maybe write down as a comment in a file somewhere): •
- checkouts of non-released rust dependencies we have. These are super slow to clone, so really useful to cache. We should be able to only be depending on released stuff in maybe a month, at which point we can stop caching these. •
- downloads of released rust dependencies (as source). Not a huge amount of use in caching these, as they’re just downloaded from if they’re missing, as far as I know, but maybe they play into some other caching. •
- metadata about what extra binaries we’ve downloaded, compiled, and installed to: •
- a combination of things we’ve downloaded using rustup, and extra binaries we’ve downloaded, compiled, and installed. The rustup ones (currently everything except
, though I’m about to add another) we could stop caching, and just download with rustup if we wanted. The non-rustup ones take a non-trivial amount of time to compile, so caching them is useful.