also <@U06A03HV1> i'm not sure how much this has b...
# development
also @witty-crayon-22786 i'm not sure how much this has been previously developed yet, but it seems more obvious to me now after talking about logging for quelea executions yesterday that we might want the v2 equivalent of workunit output to be ~tied to process executions (like in v1), and that instead of either side of the spectrum of "i want a Console to do with as i please" to "only process executions can log to the console" we might be able to extend or wrap
("similar" to how we extend it to
) to cover logging in a way that's more declarative than "write what you want to the console" but less than "you can only write tagged raw strings". i'm thinking in this case we could have something like (and this might be code that just lives in quelea at first): EDIT: see below snippet the below snippet was just made up on the spot so if it doesn't make sense that's my fault, might like @red-balloon-89377 @average-vr-56795 @salmon-summer-38098's thoughts too