# development


01/22/2019, 8:05 AM
@average-vr-56795 i developed the idea about teeing workunit output in a structured way that i was mentioning earlier today a little more: @witty-crayon-22786 this is relevant to people who want to get output out of pants for ci (as per discussion last week). @red-balloon-89377 would also love to hear your thoughts on the option described in that comment. i also think this (the
dict option described in the comment) wouldn't take that long to implement, and after the
stuff goes through and i synthesize all the thoughts above about storing rule output persistently (such as native images, in
, so we don't keep reproducing them) i think the only remaining blocker to using v2 as a first-class citizen is developing the output story ("obviously"), and i think itemizing workunit output like this fits in really well with the whole v2/pantsd idea of "pants is always running, and you can request big or small things from it, and the tokio executor/etc makes things parallel" instead of "big monolithic pants process that you have to wait around to complete"