works, time for testing (this is a debug log i add...
# development
works, time for testing (this is a debug log i added to see when an execution is pulled from the cache)
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DEBUG] cached execution for request ExecuteProcessRequest { argv: ["/usr/bin/perl", "bin/cloc/1.66/cloc", "--skip-uniqueness", "--ignored=ignored", "--list-file=input_files_list", "--report-file=report"], env: {}, input_files: Digest(Fingerprint<b0ef7df023132462383589fa9e43778a54d8ae77084301a3abc68771e322374b>, 921), output_files: {"ignored", "report"}, output_directories: {}, timeout: 900s, description: "cloc", jdk_home: None }! CacheableExecuteProcessResult { stdout: b"    2078 text files.\nclassified 2076 files\r    2076 unique files.                              \nCounting:  100\rCounting:  200\rCounting:  300\rCounting:  400\rCounting:  500\rCounting:  600\rCounting:  700\rCounting:  800\rCounting:  900\rCounting:  1000\rCounting:  1100\rCounting:  1200\rCounting:  1300\rCounting:  1400\rCounting:  1500\rCounting:  1600\rCounting:  1700\rCounting:  1800\rCounting:  1900\rCounting:  2000\rWrote ignored\n     337 files ignored.\nWrote report\n", stderr: b"Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated here (and will be fatal in Perl 5.32), passed through in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/({ <-- HERE |})/ at bin/cloc/1.66/cloc line 8801.\nFile::Glob::glob() will disappear in perl 5.30. Use File::Glob::bsd_glob() instead. at bin/cloc/1.66/cloc line 4088.\n", exit_code: 0, output_directory: Digest(Fingerprint<6e3542db4bd75af3d53643b3d746047cad52e3accdd9c533a568499cb24cbc30>, 73) }