<@U06A03HV1> any inspiration for exciting plane pr...
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@witty-crayon-22786 any inspiration for exciting plane projects?
(@hundreds-father-404 I really like hacking on planes, and have 20 or 25 hours of plane travel coming up, so long for ideas of things that are nicely self-contained, don't require internet access or research, that can just be burned through)
I wouldn’t complain about you working on https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/7150 hah. Seems very self contained and don’t think it needs internet. Also one of our last migration tasks I also would completely understand if you want to work on something less grindy 😂
Yeah, definitely in the market for fun experiments rather than worthy chores ;)
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Actually curious about how you get into to it @average-vr-56795. I'm usually way to cramped on a plain to get any serious coding happening (and I'm not a tall person). Any tips?
The lack of internet is what kills me
I use https://devdocs.io/ that let's me offline some amount of docs. But agreed, it is a pretty hefty constraint.
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Yeah, the space is a bit of an issue… But internet-wise, just make sure you have any libraries you need installed, and make sure your language cares about documentation…
In go, you can just run
go doc
and it will serve the entire docs for the standard library, and every third party lib you have installed, and life is good
I think cargo does as well...?
I know that the rust installer installs the stdlib docs
(In Rust you can do kind of similar, but it doesn’t include the stdlib, and you can install the stdlib docs with rustup, but they aren’t linked)
(And also, you need to manually run an http sever in the directory it spits stuff out to)
i might have suggested it before, but maybe: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/4999
Ooh, could be fun…
Do we ever fork without exec from the daemon?
Or only non-daemon processes, and the process that starts the daemon?
(@witty-crayon-22786 ^^)
blurgh, sorry... meetings
we only fork without exec "from" the daemon
the daemon is running, has a bunch of stuff in memory, forks for a new run
@average-vr-56795: ^
when we start the daemon, we fork with exec
Ugh :( ok, that makes the notify thing so much more fiddly :( still, maybe I'll give a standalone process replacement for Watchman a go, and we can in-memory it some other time...
That depends whether we can stop/pause the notification consuming thread without canceling the kernel watches
If you don't need to cancel the watches, the effect would just be that you don't consume the queue while forking
(as an example: we don't cancel/close any of the python threads anymore when we fork... we just ensure that they're in a safe place for the fork)
but also: it's a prototype! can worry about solving that if the result looks good
Another general idea: "remote execution for more things": ... maybe v1 pytest or junit