<@U6YPB4SJX> i'm pretty sure that particular strin...
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@average-vr-56795 i'm pretty sure that particular stringification makes an FFI call or two -- is that not going to be that expensive compared to string ops in general? in this case i think i agree that the performance of stringification tends to be related to how many strings you create, and if you're creating a lot of individual strings that tends to imply that something else can be changed unless you're intentionally trying to serialize a nested struct so you can read it back in later
We’re kind of basing the design of the engine around the idea that FFI calls are near-zero overhead…
calling a function pointer seems like it's going to be slower than whatever amalgamation of libc methods that rustc compiles a
to with full optimizations on unless the rust compiler isn't really doing a good job at optimization
calling a function pointer into the python code which then calls
, in python
we could always use pypy