<@U051221NF>, <@UEN5YTLQH>: a sketch of what i was...
# development
@happy-kitchen-89482, @gentle-wolf-58752: a sketch of what i was suggesting you could do now, with minor changes to the engine (basically: just implementing #7490): https://gist.github.com/stuhood/10bed72e5dadf9fc36e9b9c96a8a230d ... we'd probably want some magic so that folks didn't need to manually create workunits, and instead had "named rules" or something, but.
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mm, was a bit broken. fixed now.
...and again. but you get the idea
👍 got it, thanks!
params are (unfortunately) not yet explained on https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/blob/master/src/python/pants/engine/README.md ... but the idea is that rather than a single
, an
can consumes zero or more
from callers
...and Params propagate without being explicitly passed... the only reason you need the syntax in this case is that you are introducing two new Params into a particular subgraph, rather than one
...by "propagate without being passed", i mean: if there were three or four different rules between
, they would not need to know about the existence of the `Workunit`: it would be propagated down to the relevant consumer automatically
@witty-crayon-22786 there are a few bits I’m having trouble connecting. re: 7490, is the syntax you’re referring to in your example the
Get(Foo, Params((Bar, b), (Baz, c)))
from that issue?
ie. l15 in your gist should be something like
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yield Get(Classpath, Params((Target, t), (Workunit, w)))
Ah, yea: something like that.
I think I prefer the
syntax, just because Params are unique by
anyway, so the dict sends the right signal
Ok, so that would be the first change to set up the next bit around (v2, not v1) ’workunit’s
yea, possibly... alternatively, if we added
@rule(..., description=..)
or something, and then automatically created workunits at those boundaries...?
Though for l6 there in the gist, would that take a ‘Workunit’ instead of a ‘Logger’ (and access the logger via the ‘Workunit’ passed in)?
yea, maybe. on l3, i raise the question: "do we actually need a separate Logger type"?
i think the answer is "no"
Got it, so ‘Workunit’ would act more like ‘Console’ (in that it’s not a
Product that is returned by a
yield Get(...)
but instead is set up in / passed down from `@console_rule`s)
The initial/root Workunit would be created where the Console is now, yea
...and then on the way down the graph, it would be extended
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It's sortof like a type-safe thread local variable...?
"thread local"... "callstack local"...?
✔️ I think I’ve got enough to take a swing at it, thanks for talking that through!
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cc @average-vr-56795, @dry-policeman-7927: ^
finally documented `Params`: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/7600 ... only a few months too late =P