would take a look at what the failing workspace lo...
# development
would take a look at what the failing workspace looks like
Sorry what does this mean?
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--[no-]process-execution-cleanup-local-dirs (default: True)
   Whether or not to cleanup directories used for local process execution
   (primarily useful for e.g. debugging).
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does the execution directory contain the right things in the right places?
if not, hacks with subprocessed bash scripts to manipulate the workspace will go a fairly long way... and then we can follow up to either add intrinsics to create files inside of a Snapshot, or whatever else turns out to be necessary.
except that it would run in-memory on the Snapshot that is inputed to pex building
...oh. actually, it's probably that the source roots need to be applied: https://www.pantsbuild.org/setup_repo.html#source-roots
Yes I think that is the issue
@hundreds-father-404: would you mind opening a ticket about that one, and pinging DWH with it?
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we might want to consider making a target's source Snapshot relative to its source root in all cases
but if not, he'll have thoughts on the API to add to re-relativize
until then, it's probably possible to do this with bash or a subprocessed python script.