All is not lost. We will still output `python/pant...
# development
All is not lost. We will still output
python/pants/dummies:target_with_source_dep_relative_import stdout:
. It’s only the actual stdout that won’t have the full name. I definitely think we should leave this as a TODO
is the issue just this particular output isn’t quite the same (the path doesn’t have that testprojects prefix)? then yes absolutely leave it as a todo imho
Yes, exactly. The output will now be:
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testprojects/tests/python/pants/dummies:target_with_thirdparty_dep stdout:
        ============================= test session starts ==============================
        platform SOME_TEXT
        rootdir: SOME_TEXT
        plugins: SOME_TEXT
        collected 1 item

        pants/dummies/ .                              [100%]

        =========================== 1 passed in SOME_TEXT ===========================

        testprojects/tests/python/pants/dummies:target_with_thirdparty_dep              .....   SUCCESS
Which I think is perfectly acceptable (for now), especially because we still at the top say the entire path