an `@console_rule` can have a dependency on an `op...
# development
can have a dependency on an
Currently using
to consume subsystem options like
Could this also be used to consume task options like
I think the only way to consume task options is by defining them in the
oh i absolutely would make
an option for the
and please when you do make it a list option and use
on each element
Would that allow passthru syntax, or require using
? My goal is to allow this
./pants test.pytest ... — -k test_foo
well, it would be a way to get options to the pytest runner on the command line
i think you might need multiple changes to do that, but again, not as familiar with this as i could be
and maybe you could do this in the same change
piping in passthru args might not be hard
i'll look in the impl for
or whatever it is
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Okay. With some guidance, I’d love to work on passthru args. It’d be really helpful in porting to V2
oh no, this should totally work
oh no nvm it'll work though
is what i was thinking of, in
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i think you could do subscoped options (unless that somehow already works, which would be radical) in one change, and passthru args in another
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but they probably touch ~the same code
also yeah with passthru args done like not sure how much more we need e.g. to support using the v2 pytest runner for all our python tests in our own CI?
i know we have more
just seems close
We’re very close to V2 for unit tests in CI, after my 3 PRs land! (They’re sequential) - support for source roots - then will push a fix to transitive deps - then will push a few fixes to get the util folder completely green. Have to set up the
differently. - then will test running against Travis to see if it’s green
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Review of that first PR would be awesome. It blocks everything else
yea, passthru would require some additional effort. temporarily putting the options on a subsystem would be reasonable workaround i think.