<@U06A03HV1> I would like to change the logging in...
# development
@witty-crayon-22786 I would like to change the logging in scheduler.rsā€™s
function so that for `ExecuteProcessReequest`s it logs
Root ExecuteProcessRequest(description)
rather than `Root ExecuteProcessRequest(entire python repr)`ā€¦ Is there a handy way of doing that, or do I need to futz with lots of things?
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@average-vr-56795: mm. that would be... maybe the wrong place to add a special case
in particular, that's how "Nodes are Display'd"
i think that if what you are going for is "executing processes generate useful output at
level", then you should do that closer to the invoke
and we could move the "some root finished" logging to trace
I was thinking of making the str implementation of EPR be much less verbose, and making repr be the current verbosity...
My feeling is that we don't want to get in the habit of relying on
to make rendering nicer
(for example: we should probably have a specific implementation for
that does something human readable for the "path through the heavy hitters")
Yeah, explicit interfaces sound good šŸ™‚