<@UKPS08ZGW>: i thought you switched it from Targe...
# development
@hundreds-breakfast-49010: i thought you switched it from TargetAdaptor to HydratedTarget?
will need to, as mentioned on the PR
I ran into this bug while in the process of switching it
or, well, maybe bug
maybe this is intended behavior
I just found it confusing
what were you expecting to compute / provide the TargetAdaptor here?
i'm planning to work on the rule graph a bit during hackweek (yay!)... but the only bug i have reported right now is https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/7710
if you have a useful repro or reduction somewhere, i can see whether it's the same bug, or some other.
@hundreds-breakfast-49010: what i'd suggest is using
(see https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/blob/master/src/python/pants/engine/README.md#api) to visualize the graph before the change
will generate
which you can turn into a pdf with
dot -Tpdf -O rule_graph.dot
...will send you one.
you can find-in-page to find relevant rules
another thing is that with minor code changes, you can render the rule graph under a particular root that you want to execute: the two methods for "the entire graph" vs "under a particular root" are here: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/blob/e510e4253222b064a133b2a7605af5d8ce6e70e4/src/python/pants/engine/scheduler.py#L206-L235
^: re rule graph visualization
what does it mean when the name of a type is printed in strikethrough in that generated rule graph?
i have ... no idea!
will have to check the code on that one
hm I wonder if this is actually a red underline that my pdf viewer is rendering as a strikethrough