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@happy-kitchen-89482: @average-vr-56795 pointed out that we should maybe start talking about expectations around
i think that the implicit agreement right now is that @rules are experimental, and nothing is stable in that area.
does that sound right?
we don't have a way to deprecate them, for example: we designed our current deprecation method leading up to 1.0.0
i think that minor tweaks to it should work for "this type is deprecated" or "this union is deprecated", but can nail down before 2.0.0
I haven't put any thought into this - they are so new, deprecation seemed like such a far-off concern. But yes, for now I guess we're saying that nothing is stable.
and over-communicating when we're changing things we know folks are using
I guess my big question is: How will we know folks are using things? 🙂
i'd suggest: by knowing who we're collaborating with on a push toward 2.0.0, when that happens
ie, by laying out a schedule, and making it clear what we're hoping to do.
and ensuring that folks who want to contribute get in the communication channels.
Yeah; my only concern is if folks are starting to use v2 from loose plugins because it’s the only way they can run code in particular contexts, they may not love the instability. But if folks aren’t writing their own loose plugins outside of committers, that’s much less of a concern 🙂
that's the current assumption i think, yea.
the docs/README.md have not been lifted into the docsite, for one thing
("docs" is ... generous.)