Will a param injected from a Get take precedence o...
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Will a param injected from a Get take precedence over a singleton rule producing the same type?
i think the answer should be yes, but i'm not sure if the answer right now is yes
the answer right now is no
we can pair on fixing this if you'd like
I'm going to work around it for now, but a ticket would be a good idea I think, assuming there is consensus around wanting that behavior.
Or maybe it makes sense for discussion anyway
working around it sounds like the move for now for sure
it feels like a natural thing to me and making a ticket at least helps me not forget things to follow up on, personally
this along with the issue where you can't
yield Get(X, Y)
for the same X, Y twice in the same rule seem like approachable tech debt issues (and the fix for both might be really similar, not sure)
singletons use the absolute minimum number of parameters (0), and thus "always win"
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it's possible that this will change via https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/7710 ... but if you'd like something to be overridable, don't install it as a singleton: install it via RootRule, and inject it
Thats the plan!
that makes sense -- thanks stu!