which i think means that in some cases, CI will lo...
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which i think means that in some cases, CI will look like "`./pants compile test lint`"
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...i hadn't really thought about the fact that
doesn't allow for parallelism in that case. bit of a bummer, but i think that the semantics/ordering of the CLI continue to make sense
i believe
only doesn't allow for parallelism because of the usage of
as an implicit exclusive lock, and i think if we were to for example allow redirecting outputs of different rules (somewhat similar to the discussion in https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/7071) we could obtain the kind of interactivity with multiple concurrent invocations that tools like bloop already have
for multiple Consoles, you could have concurrent runs just fine
it's just that you cannot for one Console without having things step on one another.
ie, i cannot render the output of
compile test lint
concurrently to one Console/console/cli without it ending up mangled.