01/08/2020, 6:29 PM
Hello, how would I fix this?
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E       Exception: Rules with errors: 1
                     E         (TestResult, [PythonTestsAdaptor, PyTest, PythonSetup, SubprocessEncodingEnvironment], [Get(TransitiveHydratedTargets, BuildFileAddresses), Get(Pex, CreatePexFromTargetClosure), Get(SourceRootStrippedSources, Address), Get(ChrootedPythonSources, HydratedTargets), Get(Digest, DirectoriesToMerge), Get(FallibleExecuteProcessResult, ExecuteProcessRequest)], run_python_test()):
                     E           Was not usable by any other @rule.
I’m banging my head against the wall. This is the rule I’m testing in isolation - I don’t expect it to be called by anything else in my test’s rule graph?